Singapore comes from one of the expensive cities to live in the world. Though the city is stunning and beautiful, you still need to spend some more money to have a good life here. Due to that, the requirement of money is huge here, and most of the people to want money.

There are many people who all have dreams that they think to achieve it anyway. Apart from that all, there are many other things like emergency cases or need of money to start some new business even.

During that time, you need a large amount of money for it and for that all, you need assistance. If you are in search of getting excellent assistance, then you can see that there are many agencies that all can help you with it.

If you are in the plan of getting some loans, then going for the legal money lenders is best. In Singapore, there are laws made for the money lenders, and all licensed moneylender in Singapore follow these laws.

Laws are made so that no customer will get any trouble while going for it. There are many private and illegal agencies who all try to offer help but, in return, charge the customer with high-interest rates and other things. So, for all these things, it is always advised you to go for the legal moneylenders. If you want, then you can go to the Crawfort and get assistance from them.

Type of loan you can avail

When you are going for the moneylenders, you can see that they offer you different kinds of investments for you all. To make it more clearly to you all about these kinds of loans, here is the list of things for you all.

  1. Personal loans 

The very first and easy loans available for you all is the personal loan. You can see that there are many times when you want money to pay the fees, bills, or any other things. All these things come under personal loans, and for that all, you can get it from here.

The loans that you will get from moneylenders can use for a different purpose by you under it.

  1. Payday loans

There may be some situation when you lose all your money for the whole month due to various reasons pr emergency. At that time, if you want more money, then you can go for payday loans. There you can see that they give you loans for it, and you can easily avail that loan from there.

  1. Business loans 

If you are going to start a new business or want to invest in anything, then you can go for a business loan. Many people all think of starting new businesses or want money to expand it, and then you can go for business loans.

You can get the loans from the moneylenders at a significant rate of interest.

These are the three kinds of loans that you can get from the Moneylender in Singapore. When you go for it, you can see that they will provide you with the best benefits for the loans as well.

Documents you need to avail loans

If you are thinking of getting the loans, then getting it from the legal moneylenders is the best option ever for you all. Not only that, you, too, need to understand that going for the loans is not so easy. You need to get all the documents with you so that they can offer you loans at less time.

The documents that you need to have with you all are here.

  • You need to show the residence proof.
  • You need to bring the income source proof.
  • Show the employment proof.
  • NRIC.
  • Bring the bank passbook statements.

These are the top documents that you need to have with you when you are going for the loans.

Factors you need to look before taking loans from money lenders

When you are going for the money lending agencies, there you need to take care of various factors. These factors are state to be best for you all. They are mention here.

  1. Trustworthy of things

There are many lenders who all are there to help you with this. But among them all, it is essential to go for the agency that has got a good reputation and trust among the customers. The trust of the customers arises due to the excellent services and facilities. So, always visit the lenders in Singapore with good trust and reputation.

  1. Services offer to you

The next thing that comes to you all is about the services. It is the main factor for you all, and every customer wants to know about the services. To go in front of customers and to get access, you need to provide the best services as well.

  1. Rate of interest

The next thing that you need to take care of is interest rates. As per the lending laws of Singapore, the rate must be levied in such a way that the interest amount will not exceed the principal amount. So, before taking any loans, you need to make sure about the rate of interest.

  1. Check the background

In Singapore, you will get many money lending agencies. But among them, all are not licensed, so you need to check about it. You can get a valid list of legal money lending agencies from the official website.

So, if you want to go for the best and legal money lending agency, then you can contact Crawfort money lending. They will help you in a significant way of getting the best services for yourself, and they do all things as per the law.


Money lending agencies are the ones who all can help you in the matter of money. But when you are going for it, it is always best for you all to visit an ethical and legal money lender. With the help of the legal, you can get all the benefits that are set by the government of Singapore for you all.