The population of the 21st century has taken an unprecedented stance with regards to their health and eating lifestyle. On one spectrum we witness obesity at it’s peak with the rise of fast food dinners and highly processed lunches. On the other end of the spectrum the world has witnessed super health conscious individuals, who love smoothly blended smoothies, quinoa, chicken breast and lots broccoli and kale.

For many embarking on their new health conscious lifestyle a blender is the first kitchen appliance they will invest in. A blender is an essential tool for a healthy lifestyle. You dramatically open yourself up to many new and delicious ways of getting all the foods goodness into your system. From healthy homemade pasta sauces to breakfast smoothies a good blender isn’t something you should overlook.

The only problem that 2018 has brought is too much choice. There are too many blenders to pick from nowadays. From commercial blenders to cute little desk blenders you can without a doubt become lost for choice. As with everything in life following a set of core principles will help you purchase the best high power blender for your exact needs. Below is the industries basal checklist to help every unique individual buy the best power blender.

Noise level

Imagine you have woken up bright and early to make a tropical strawberry, banana and mango smoothie. You have put all of your frozen fruits into the blender (frozen fruits are better as they’ll retail all the nutrient goodness better) and you’ve pressed the blend button watching your smoothie come to life. Then you hear your neighbour banging on your door about noise. Go into any home appliances store and view the demo models outside. Do not be afraid to ask a sales assistant to plug it in and test it for sound, even if you end up buying online.

If the blender you want isn’t in – store many blender retailers will have a video demo uploaded.


Ensure you invest in a high power and high speed blender. The more powerful the blender the smoother the blend and the faster the blend the less nutrients that will be lost during the blending process. Over blending is the main reason for nutrients being lost during the blending process.

A great blender to try out that is easy on sound levels and is innovative, speedy and powerful is the Greenis FGR-8880. It has an LCD monitor for easy control and you can control it with your phone and who does’t want that futuristic feature. Make sure to view the whole range on greenis.com as you’ll find blenders that meet the above requirements but with added features that will fit your healthy lifestyle to a t.

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